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Welcome to Xplore Venezuela, your ultimate resource for discovering the beauty, culture, and hidden gems of this captivating South American nation. We are not a travel agency, but rather a passionate team of explorers who are deeply committed to sharing the wonders of Venezuela with the world.

Our Mission

At Xplore Venezuela, our mission is to inspire and empower individuals to embark on their own journeys of discovery within this diverse and enchanting country. We believe that Venezuela is more than just a destination; it’s an experience waiting to be explored. Our primary goal is to provide you with the knowledge and guidance you need to make your Venezuelan adventure unforgettable.

XploreVenezuela is an exciting online platform designed for adventure seekers and overlanders who crave the thrill of exploring the stunning landscapes and hidden gems of Venezuela. This website serves as a comprehensive hub for all things related to overlanding in this South American nation. Whether you’re an experienced overlander or a novice looking to embark on your first expedition, XploreVenezuela provides a wealth of resources and information to help you plan, navigate, and make the most of your journey.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Local Insights: We are dedicated to providing authentic, firsthand insights into Venezuela. Our team consists of Venezuelans and expats who have spent years exploring the country, allowing us to offer a unique perspective that goes beyond typical tourist information.
  • Comprehensive Information: From the stunning landscapes of Canaima National Park to the vibrant streets of Caracas and the tranquil beaches of Margarita Island, our website is a treasure trove of in-depth information, travel tips, and cultural insights.
  • Community Engagement: We encourage our visitors to engage with the Xplore Venezuela community. Share your stories, experiences, and photos with us, and connect with fellow travelers who share your passion for exploring Venezuela.

What You’ll Find on Our Website

  • Destination Guides: Explore our comprehensive destination guides, where we provide you with detailed information on various regions, cities, and attractions within Venezuela.
  • Travel Tips: We offer practical tips, advice, and recommendations to ensure your trip is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.
  • Cultural Experiences: Dive into the rich culture of Venezuela through articles, videos, and firsthand accounts of local customs, traditions, and festivals.
  • Adventure Ideas: Discover exciting adventure opportunities, from hiking and wildlife encounters to culinary experiences and off-the-beaten-path adventures.

About us: The Team


I’ve had a passion for travel since birth, which eventually led me to become a travel blogger in 2008. Venezuela-born, however I’ve called Florida my home since 1999. In addition to writing, I also love videography and video editing (which are my college majors) and photography, capturing the beauty of my travels.

about us - Wanderer Yoss

My globetrotting experiences have allowed me to blend my love for storytelling with my visual and cultural explorations, sharing my adventures with the world through a diverse range of multimedia content. Whether I’m exploring the vibrant streets of Madrid, strolling among museums in Paris, relaxing by the beach in Philisburg, driving by the Florida Keys or documenting the untouched landscapes of Venezuela, my lens and pen are my constant companions on this exciting journey. Through my work, I aim to inspire and connect with fellow travel enthusiasts, fostering a deeper appreciation for the world’s diverse cultures and natural wonders. My travel blogs: AT29 (Spanish), WandererYoss (English), TodoSobreFlorida (both in Spanish and English) and ATNoticiasViajes (Spanish).


In 1993, Manu, a bold explorer from Venezuela, embarked on a journey initially for academic pursuits. Fueled by an unquenchable thirst for adventure, he traversed an array of landscapes, diving deep into diverse cultures across the Americas, Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and Europe. His vibrant mosaic of experiences ranges from the dynamic cities of the USA to the vivid tapestries of Africa, uncovering hidden treasures in Europe and Asia, and savoring the distinct essences of the Caribbean.

Throughout his remarkable journey, Manu’s curiosity and open-mindedness served as his guiding star through the intricacies and wonders of the world. His voyage serves as a testament to the profound enrichment found in exploration and embracing cross-cultural understanding. Presently, he spends his days working for the world’s largest entertainment company located in Central Florida, dedicating his free time to further exploration through 4X4, motorbike, and bicycle adventures.

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